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Friday, October 12, 2007

Using Armenians To Stop The War

The House Committee on Foreign Affairs vote on the Armenian genocide has nothing to do with dead Armenians and everything to do with Dem efforts to stop the war in Iraq by any means necessary.

Unable to muster the votes needed to stop the war through legitimate, Constitutionally mandated methods, under the leadership of the most anti-war of Congressmen, Tom Lantos, the Committee is fighting a guerrilla war against the war.

In his statement introducing the resolution, Lantos said:
Henry Morgenthau, the U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire at the time of the atrocities, wrote -- and I am quoting -- “I am confident that the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this. The great massacres and persecutions of the past seem almost insignificant when compared with the sufferings of the Armenian race in 1915.”
Well, not exactly. Of course Hitler outdid the Ottomans. But so did Pol Pot -- and where is the resolution condemning the Cambodian genocide, the genocide brought on by the Dems' success in stopping the Vietnam war?

Lantos' strategy, fully endorsed by NanPo, who is rushing the resolution to the full house to do all she can to further harm US-Turkish relations, is to deliberately anger the Turkish government in the hope that we will lose the access to the bases we need in Turkey to carry out the logistics of war. If they can't succeed through the representative process in Washington, maybe they can succeed by fomenting ill will in Turkey against Incirlik, where the Air Force tranships much of the materiel going to Iraq.

This is not about massacred Armenians, folks, it's about the War on Terror and the Dems' refusal to fight it.

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