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Friday, October 05, 2007

Watcher's Winners

Incredible Wife is sleeping on California time and I woke up on Savannah time, so a bit of blogging will do until it's time to rouse her. How about the winners of this week's Watcher's Council fete, then?

On the Council side, we see Big Lizards again at the top, with a wonderful post, Gratefully Not Dead: Iraq Civilian and US Military Deaths Plummet. A lot of us mentioned this positive new information on the surge's success -- I mentioned it in my third place winner, Reporter God Sy Hersh's Dixie Chick Moment -- but BL took the big step in this post and declared Mission Accomplished! Victory in Iraq!

In second place was a heart-felt and troubling post from Right Wing Nuthouse, Man Without a Party, in which Rick Moran says he is just that, driven from the GOP by the Christian right, which blurred the party's fundamental pro-capitalism core with its social issues agenda against abortion and gay marriage.

Gay marriage isn't a huge issue with me, but abortion is, so this was an uncomfortable read; lots of food for thought. I happen to think that the party being anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage is less divisive than it would be if the party weren't working hard on moral issues, but folks like Rick who are bedrock conservatives are essential to the party too. How do you find middle ground in issues like these?

My guess is that Rick would still be a man with a party if it were just abortion. But with the gay agenda being forced onto a largely unwilling society, the GOP has been put in a place that makes him uncomfortable because he sees the party as anti-gay instead of anti the extreme elements of the anti-gay agenda. If that's the case, there's room here to work with.

On the non-Council side, Hollywood and the culture won the day, with Pajamas Media That's Propa-tainment and Seraphic Secret's The Hollywood Surge is Failing coming in first and second.

I would also like to commend Back Talk's Shi'ite Militia vs. Al Qaeda Terrorists in Iraq as an excellent, in-depth analysis of the Iraq casualty figures that both Big Lizards and I used in our posts.

You can find all the winners at Watcher of Weasels. Thanks, as always, Watcher, for whipping up this bowl of ambrosia. (Note the Southern reference.)