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Friday, October 12, 2007

Nothing Noble About Nobel

"Action is necessary now," said the Nobel Peace Prize committee upon awarding Al Gore and the UN climate hacks the prize, "before climate change moves beyond man's control."

Climate change, as a global force of incomprehensible magnitude and complexity, has never been in man's control. There's evidence we can exacerbate it; but control it? No. That's ego -- incredible ego -- not science.

I'm listening to CNN now, and the commentator is saying that global warming has nothing to do with politics. Typical CNN. If we go the Nobel/Gore/UN route, it will have dire and massive political ramifications, as economies are derailed in the name of a few tenths of a percent of change in climate trends.

None of the climate change remedies comes without politics. There are subsidies and penalties, and there are massive attacks on market forces and blithe discountings of human needs and desires, all to be imposed by governmental authorities. Is that not politics; very bad politics?

By endorsing Gore, the representative of the hysteric fringe of the global warming movement, and the IPCC, the leading edge of the government mandate as sole solution arm of the movement, the Nobel Committee has done the second stupidest thing in its questionable existence.

Yes, it will something much greater than even the global warming religion to upstage the Nobel Peace Prize given to Yasser Arafat.

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