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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Three (Bozo) Amigos

Hugo (No, you go) Chavez has nationalized oil companies, obliterated freedom of the press and imprisoned and tortured opposition leaders. He uses brutal thugs and bribes to the poor keep himself in power.

Che, whose picture Chavez is holding, was a Marxist revolutionary who didn't just kill during revolutionary battles, but also after them, to support totalitarian regimes, as he did when he ran Cuba's prisons after Fidel Castro's rise to power. There he oversaw the slaughter of the former Batista leadership (in violation of the Geneva Conventions).

And in the back seat, behind those dark, dark glasses, is Sean Penn.

"I came here looking for a great country. I found a great country," said Penn. "I'm just hear to take it in like everyone else."

Everyone else? There's your proof (as if you need it) that Penn and the mentally dull glitterati like him live in gilded cages with "IDIOT" emblazoned over the door. No one but the Penns and Glovers of the world goes to Venezuela these days.

I'm sure Chavez showed him a great country ... and I'm just as sure that he's too stupid to know that there's an ugliness behind the slick facade Chavez showed him.

hat-tip: LGF

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