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Friday, August 03, 2007

Watcher's Winners

The Watcher has posted this week's picks by the Watcher's Council of some of the best posts on the blogosphere.

Turning, unusually, to the non-Council nominees first, it's becoming clear that if you want to win in this category, all you have to do is leave everything behind, move to Iraq, and put yourself at risk by doing outstanding reporting from the front lines of the war. Any time Michael Yon or Michael Totten are nominated, they seem to win, as Totten did this week with Baghdad Raid Night, which creamed the opposition.

I didn't vote for it, even though it was an important post. The two Michaels have set a very high standard in their reporting, dispatching some of the most significant words that are written during our time. This time, Totten's post, while good and very much worth reading, wasn't quite up to that high standard.

Totten was trailed by my pick for #1, Classical Values' Build a Better World by Destroying Wealth!

Over among the Watcher's Council members, I gave four posts top ranking; two of those placed one and two:

First, The Colossus of Rhodey's NEA Also Confused About SCOTUS Decision Regarding Race & Schooling, which is an insightful analysis of how dreadfully off kilter the education establishment is.

Second, Right Wing Nuthouses' Whose Freedom? What Is Speech?, on the same topic as my entry, the recent Koran-dunking at Pace University. Being on vacation, mine was Commentary Lite, but Rick Moran's piece was deep, thoughtful and deserving.

See all the results here.

As always, thanks, Watcher, for Ring Master-ing this little show.