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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Imagine His Disappointment

For the last 33 days, Kafeel Ahmed has been hanging onto life.

News reports say he's been in a coma the entire time, which is unfortunate, because I was really hoping he would be conscious for a good part of the last month, painfully aware that deep burns covered 90% of his body. And more important, aware that he was the only person dying because he and his jihad-mate drove a flaming Jeep into Glasgow airport.

Today, the inevitable happened, despite the British National Health System's best efforts to save him at the taxpayer's expense, and Ahmed passed on.

Imagine his shock when Christ, who is quite different from 72 virgins, greeted him on the other side with a, "Yes, I am the son of God, not just some minor prophet. Who did you say you were again, because I don't know you."

It was flames that killed him, and flames that will be his companion now that he's gone.

It's too bad we're so civilized. I would have liked to see the Brits stick Ahmed's charred, naked body on a pole and tour it through the Muslim neighborhoods of Glasgow and London. "This is what you get, jihad-boys! Want to join him?"

There was a time the Scots would send such a message without blinking an eye, but that was long ago. It's unfortunate, because that's a language Ahmed and his buddies from the 14th Century understand.

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