Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Return Of Incredible Daughter #1

It's been a quiet blogging day because I went up to LA this afternoon to pick up Incredible Daughter #1 on her return from Japan.

Then there was LA traffic.

Then there was handing out the presents.

Then there was the girls using my computer to find instructions for tying a Japanese obi.

The presents: My request was anything in Engrish, the brutalized Japanese versions of English. Here they are:

This frozen drink (which she delivered courteously pre-drunk) apparently wasn't that frozen, since it's just "coolish." (click the images to enlarge)

Womenfolk, keep your mitts offa my Pocky! This is men's bitter chocolate, and if we catch you eating it, we get really bitter.

I was so glad she found this next one -- a laffer from my youth! When powdered creamer was first introduced in America, there were two brands: Pream and Creamora. The Japanese put the two names together into ...

And don't you sometimes have days when you just feel ...

Yeah, me too ... crappy and funky. Whoa! I was just told that when rappers "crunk," they're doing drugs. That's not what I meant! It's obviously just a blend of "chunky" and "crunchy."

Finally, she got this T-shirt for herself:

As for obi-tying, it was more like obi-tying-trying, with a lot of research ...

But only mediocre results:

So, it's nice to have her back. Life is returning to normal, and that's kind of nice.