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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perhaps We Should Dunk The Administrators In The Toilet

Do not, not ever, trust the education of our children to those who run our schools and universities. They are, by and large, incapable of standing up for what's right and difficult, opting always for what's wrong and easy.

Case in point: Two Qurans were found stuffed in toilets at Pace University in NY recently. A suspect has been charged with a hate crime (where's the ACLU; is this not free speech?), and -- here's the big rub -- school administrators have been sucker-punched by Muslim student groups and now are offering sensitivity training for students.

Students: It's OK to declare jihad against entire civilizations. It's OK to behead homosexuals and stone or whip adulterers. It's OK to wage infitada targeting innocents. It's OK to fly airplanes into buildings. It's OK to call people infidels or the devil. It's OK to burn American flags (there are 69,900 hits at Google images for "Muslim burn flag"). But it is not OK to treat a book badly.

The lesson our kids will take away from this "sensitivity training" is that we Westerners are the insensitive ones, that we are the mistake-makers, that we are the uncaring ones -- and nothing could be further from the objective truth.

I'm all for educating about religion and civilization and what one finds offensive about the other, but let's make it a balanced curriculum. Let's be sure to spend some considerable time teaching the students about Islamic hate, hate that is nicely captured in this collage:

Hat-tip: memorandum. Collage: DanzFamily

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