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Saturday, August 04, 2007

YearlyKos: No-Shows And Curious Sponsors

The weird world of the whacked out Left ... reading the Yearly Kos Convention home page is even odd ...

Noooo!!! It's the last day of the Convention! But we're ending on a higher-than-all-heck note with the Presidential Leadership Forum.

Can I get a wooo-hoooo??

Don't forget your lanyards today! That would be very bad. And why not put on little bits of ritz while you're at it? No pressure--just the whole world watching...

The Kos-sacks dressing up for the media with "ritz?" I thought they'd be dressing up in their best F*** Bush T-shirts.

Hillary's speaking now, apparently. Here's a lead-in from aging left-organ Mother Jones:

The secret service cars are out front and the mainstream media has shown up in force, so you know it's time for the big boys. Hillary Clinton, who is up first, provides the most compelling story lines here at YearlyKos. As Kos himself admitted in a press conference a few moments ago, "Her negatives in this community are fairly high." She isn't seen as a true progressive, nor as someone willing to stand strong for her principles when it is politically inexpedient. But as Kos admitted, Clinton has moved strongly in the last year to engage the netroots and bring down those negatives.

Will she get hit for being the most moderate of all the candidates, or will she get kudos for trending in the right direction? Or, as has the case been throughout this convention, will the crowd be polite, respectful, and almost bland? Stay tuned…

Polite, respectful and bland? From the Kos-mopolitans? That would be newsworthy!

Meanwhile the big highlight of the day, the DC "Meet the Leaders" session, bombed out entirely:

I know, I know--what could possibly be more important than our annual gathering of the Netroots? That's what I said!

We are officially listing Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Rahm Emanuel as cancelled ....
The reason? No way they'd want to associate with this Kos-tic sorts. Just kidding. A vote on the energy bill is going on today ... far too much pork at state to risk a trip to the Kos-modome.

Meanwhile, I was interested to see that right there on the very top tier of sponsors was a division of mainstream corporate Hollywood, Warner Independent Films. Why would Warner Bros have one of its divisions so visible among the rebels with a Kos? Two reasons that I can see:
  • The 11th Hour, Leo's follow-up to Al's global warming fearfest, which we understand is even scarier than the first. Due out from Warner Independent on Aug. 17.
  • In the Valley of Elah, starring Tommy Lee Jones and the nuttier and nuttier Susan Sarandon as parents searching for their boy, who just returned from duty in Iraq but has gone missing.
Warner Bros. current mainstream offerings are Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, License to Wed, No Reservations and Oceans 13 -- all films going after mainstream audiences that probably aren't too keen to sit next to the smelly guys in the F*** Bush T-shirts.

Should we protest? Yawn.

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