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Friday, August 03, 2007

Die, Infidel Dog! Literally.

A boy, a dog, a sick religion:
Tehran, 3 August (AKI) - A young Iranian who was searching for his lost puppy in a Tehran neighborhood has been arrested and ordered to stand trial for 'moral corruption'.

According to the Tehran daily, Etemad Melli, the young man was caught while putting up a notice in which he was promising a reward to anyone who found his dog.

"Looking for a lost dog indicates the spread of a corrupt culture, which indirectly popularises keeping a dog at home, something that is completely foreign to the culture and Isamic tradition," said Tehran police spokesman, Mehdi Ahmadi.

"In arresting this young man, we wanted to send a very clear message to our young people, you need to steer away from the corrupt culture imported from the west."
What a soulless, heartless, humorless religion! If they are indeed successful in sending that message to the young people of Iran -- and I doubt that they are! -- they are sending another message to the rest of the world: Steer clear, far clear, of this religion. It is dominated by madmen!

hat-tip: The American Israeli Patriot

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