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Friday, August 03, 2007

Oakland Editor War On Terror Victim?

Let's start right off with the disclaimer: My firm is working on a project in Oakland which has been covered by the Oakland Post, whose editor, Chauncey Bailey, right, was murdered yesterday.

My Bay Area sources tell me that almost immediately after the murder people began pointing at a probable murderer: the Your Black Muslim Bakery (YBMB). It appears the cops think so too:
Oakland, Fremont descend on Your Black Muslim Bakery

Associated Press - August 3, 2007 12:54 PM ET

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - Authorities detained more than a dozen people in Oakland this morning as the result of a yearlong police investigation.

Just what exactly was being investigated has not been detailed.

1 of the four locations that was raided by authorities was the often-troubled Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland.

The late Yusuf Bey was the founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery, famed for its bean and carrot pies [which I've had ... yum!] and known as having an open door to struggling families. Bey's reputation took a hit in later years as he defended himself against rape allegations in Alameda County.

Most of those charges were later dropped, and one was pending when he died.

Also, longtime Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey was reportedly researching an investigative piece into Your Black Muslim Bakery before he was shot and killed just yesterday morning.

It remains unclear whether that killing is connected to today's heavy police activity at the bakery. (emphasis added)
YBMB might have started as local do-gooders; it might not have. Recently, youth related to the operation have been breaking shelves of bottles in local stores and berating the owners for selling alcohol. Typical Muslim intolerance; imagine the hue and cry if Christians did the same!

Here's a pretty frank assessment of what YBMB's been up to from Debbie Schlussel, who's been tracking them:
If you're from the Detroit area, then you probably remember Chauncey Bailey. The classy, smart reporter and columnist was a rare reasonable liberal who had a nose for hard news and covering the story. He wrote for The Detroit News before it became the pan-Islamist-occupied Detroit Newsistan that it is today, with shoddy reporting, extreme bias, and out-and-out untruths, and a crappy "editorial" page to go along with it. Back in the day, as a young reporter, Bailey was one of Detroit's most prominent Black journalists, and I always read whatever was under his byline (until he left town in 1992).

As the editor of the Oakland Post, he was gunned down and murdered, yesterday, in broad daylight, in downtown Oakland. Why?

Some bloggers in the know think it was because he was involved in an expose of Your Black Muslim Bakery, about which I've written before. You'll remember that Black Muslims connected with this bakery perpetrated the same Muslim v. Muslim violence you see in the Mid-East (and Mid-East Dearbornistan) when they vandalized and held up Arab Muslim party stores that carried liquor, verboten in Islam. ...

Yesterday, after word of the shooting murder, Little Concrete Piranhas (LCP) posted this:

Appears like nothing, but Chauncey Bailey was well known for exposing Black Muslims to their evil ways in the past. Did it catch up to him?
It very well might have. If it turns out that YBMB couldn't take the heat of an investigation, what exactly were they so interested in hiding? Could Bailey be another journalist, like David Pearl, murdered by the jihad against the West.

Maybe. Track this one.

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