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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Vacation Pressure Moves Dems

Last year, Bush got the legislation he needed to detain foreign combatants. This year, he got the surveillance flexibility he needs to monitor international calls routed through the U.S.

Were these victories achieved because of some brilliant new Hill strategy from the White House? Naw ... the Dems just wanted to go home for summer break, so they gave Bush what he wanted instead of having to face a special session that would break up their summer boondoggles at taxpayer expense vacation plans.

Gosh, as I recall, just a couple months ago the Dems were all piss and vinegar over the Iraqi parliament taking off for the summer.

They would counter that they were able to push a lot of legislation through in the last couple of weeks ... but they can't complain like this ...
"My Republican colleagues [and the necessary 16 Dems] chose to rubber-stamp a flawed administration proposal that fails to provide the accountability needed in the light of the administration's past mismanagement of key tools in the war on terror," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
... if it was the desire to get out for summer break that moved them to accept the bill, then turn around and attack the Iraqi parliament's summer plans.

hat-tip: memeorandum

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