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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Peacemaker Grab-Bag

I'm getting a lot of feedback on my post questioning Tom Fox and the Christian Peacemaker Team approach of attacking America and attacking Israel in the name of Christ.

Marty, the anti-war mother of a soldier and church secretary, commented on my post in which I questioned the political motivations of Christian Peacemaker Teams:
No one knows better than me the impact war has on people's lives. For those who fight and for those left at home. I have lived it every day for the past 3 years. I can only imagine what it is like for those innocents caught in the middle. I applaud anyone who seeks peace and justice in the midst of violence. To me that requires an enormous amout of courage.
I can't imagine the fear of a parent with a child in the war zone. But I can imagine wanting their struggle, risk and death to be for something. I wonder if Marty includes in the "anyone" in her last sentence, the troops. They, more than Christian Peacemakers, are seeking peace in the midst of the violence.

They're approach, debilitating an enemy that believes in repression, terror and jihad, is much more sane and sensible than the approach Tom Fox pursued.

(Marty's blog, by the way, is a depressing chronicle of injury and death among our soldiers. I didn't dig into archives, but what I see there is not a list of any of our good works of reconstruction and reconcilation. She talks about soldiers dying, but doesn't seem to think they're dying for a cause that has any merit at all.)

I was pointed to an interesting article in The American Thinker that, amoung other intersting points, raised this:
And by the way, why are devout Christians among US and UK soldiers not called “Christian activists” by the media? Why were Jewish settlers in Gaza never considered to be “Jewish activists?” Why aren’t the Shiite civilians who are regularly massacred by car bombs in their Baghdad mosques called “Muslim activists?” To us they are a far more heroic than the “activists” beloved by the AP and the Guardian.
A hat-tip to Roger Fraley at XDA for this. Roger's been posting for several months on CPT, wondering if the kidnapping was a fake. After all, it occured at exactly the same place, and in exactly the same manner, as Italian Communist journalist's Giuliana Sgrena's kidnapping. The theory is also explored in the American Thinker link above.