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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hillary's Police State

Speaking at a rally for Irish immigrants yesterday, Hillary said America would become a "police state" if immigration laws were enforced. Some commentators, like Laura Ingraham, assumed she was talking to a group of legal immigrants. Not so, according to the Irish Times:
More than 2,400 undocumented Irish immigrants and their supporters rallied in Washington yesterday in support of an immigration reform Bill that would allow them to remain in the US legally.
Also at the rally: McCain and Kennedy, who have a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants "to embark on a path to US citizenship." Why don't they just say "amnesty?"

In a fine bit of racial prejudice, Congressmen fell all over themselves to say nice things to the nice Irish people who visited their offices in the Irish assault on Congress.

"Don't get discouraged if this battle continues beyond this week, this month and this year . . . If you stick at it, you can get it done," said former congressman Bruce Morrison.

"You are reminding us of what America is all about when it is at its best . . . These are men and women we should be proud to make US citizens," Sen. Chappaquiddick said. Certainly; let them apply for work permits, then citizenship.

"You are doing what democracy is supposed to be all about, petitioning the government to right a wrong," said McCain. Really? I thought democracy involved the people establishing laws that were to be followed.

Do you think they would have said such things if they were talking to Juan and Maria instead of Sean and Fiona?