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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Stunning Stupidity

Just when they get a toehold on the national security issue, the Dems shoot themselves in the foot.

The Dubai Ports deal was an unbelievable and avoidable gift for the Dems, a major election year political gaffe by incompetents in the Bush Administration. Suddenly, for the first time since 9/11, the Dems had a heavy whiff of believability on the national security issue.

The ports deal is, after all, rife with juicy targets for criticism. Perceived threats, a non-public process, evidence of covered-over concerns, finance over security. Oh, happy day for the Dems.

But what do they do? They vote in a block against the watered-down, all civil rightsy tightsy Patriot Act. They flush their shiny new national security badge right down the toilet!

Did they ever stop to consider that the new Act strengthens port security by imposing punishments on crew members who impede or mislead law enforcement officers trying to board their ships? How can they be against Dubai Ports and against this provision?

AP says Russ Feingold voted against the act because the new protections for Americans were so modest they were almost meaningless.

What about all the protections the Act gives us -- like giving feds the tools they need to bust terrorists before they blow us up? The Patriot Act has proven its ability to defer terrorist attacks on our shores; the Dems have not proven that it has infringed on the rights of decent citizens.

"I rise in strong opposition to this legislation because it offers only a superficial reform that will have little if any impact on safeguarding our civil liberties," sniveled Dennis Kucinich, the most unpopular presidential candidate since Pat Paulson.

What about our basic civil right to never again have to choose between jumping out a 100-story window or being charred to a cinder?

The Democrats are at war with Bush and the Republicans and see the battle as control of Congress. The Republicans are at war with bin Laden and global Islamic terror and see the battle as control of our destiny.

And the Dems are so stupid they just keep highlighting and underlining and underlining and highlighting this difference.

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