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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good News From ABC

ABC pres. David Westin on Bob Woodruff's condition:

Bob has made some substantial progress in recent days. He is now conscious and talking, although he remains under fairly heavy medication for pain from his various injuries, which are healing well.

They have him up and walking around. He's conversing with [his wife] Lee, with his children and with the nurses. He's approaching the point where he will be leaving Bethesda Medical Center, and they are working hard at the moment to make sure they have the right facility to continue his recovery. Once again, it's important for all of us to bear in mind that this will be a long process. We're not close to the end yet. But, as he has throughout, Bob is exceeding expectations and giving us real reason for optimism.

Doug Vogt, the cameraman also injured on Jan. 29, is also continuing to recover. He's with his family in France.

hat-tip: Media Bistro
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