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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hill & Bill's Dubai Scam - 2

Well, there's been a tiny bit of media attention on the hugely embarassing fact that Hill and Bill are buttering both sides of their bread on the Dubai Ports deal. She's cashing in for political bucks on the "no" side, and he's cashing in for at least $1,950,000 in fees and contributions from the UAE on the "yes" side.

Here's the full run of new media coverage, according to Nexis:

Jay Leno, March 5:

"It was reported in the papers this week even as Hillary Clinton is working to try and stop this Dubai port deal, her husband Bill Clinton was advising Dubai on how to get the deal through. She's trying to stop it, he's trying to get the deal. Forget women. Now he's cheating on her with other countries."
Time Magazine, March 13 edition:
The [Dubai Ports] tussle has even offered the prospect of former President Bill Clinton, a Dubai adviser, squaring off with his spouse, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who opposes the buyout. Geopolitics makes strange bedfellows.
That's it? Yep. There's been no coverage from NYTimes, CNN, WaPo, ABC, NBC or CBS.

Substitute Hill and Bill Clinton for Dick and Lynn Cheney and let your imagination wander about the firestorm that we'd be in the middle of at this moment.

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