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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Dirty Truth About Gitmo

Scott Burgess at The Daily Ablution has been sifting through thousands of pages of Guantanamo guano and found something MSM curiously have overlooked, involving the testamony of one Abdul Hakim Bukhary, who says:

Prisoners here are in paradise. American people are very good. Really. They give us three meals, juice, fruit and everything! My God! Here they [i.e. the Arab detainees] bother me everyday, every time. Now about 30 months to this day, they bother me. They call me a hypocrite. They call me a spy. You have to say, 'thank God!' I thank you for America! If you are in a Taliban prison, they do not treat you well. Here we are in paradise. It is 100% paradise. Yes, really. Thank you!"

Another admitted Taliban fighter, Mohammed Yacob, was also unearthed by Burgess:

I'm very happy with the Americans. I don't blame the Americans for capturing me. I blame someone who reported me; I got captured because of him."

But all is not peaches and cream in their Cuban paradise. Feroz Abbasi is not the least bit happy with his treatment -- nor should he be; this would make Human Rights Watch blanche:

During his time in Guantanamo, Mr. Abbasi (writing in the third person) alleges that he was:

  • subject to [unspecified] "mental stress and pressure"
  • "willfully misdirected ... to pray north"
  • deprived of "comfort items"
  • subjected to an [apparently failed] "attempt to withdraw Qur'an"
  • able to hear two guards having sex, while they "assumed he was asleep"
  • distracted from his prayer by the "sharp intake of breath" of a female MP who'd been "sexually fondled".
  • offered a plate of pork
  • the object of a conspiracy "to keep detainee ignorant of detainee's allotted Tuesday recreation"
  • subjected to a "partially successful" attempt to administer injections "under the guise of immunisation", designed to "unhinge detainee's mental and emotional stability"
I don't think Mr. Abbasi's screams carried too far. I'm much more worried about the sexually fondled guard than I am about this jerk's well being.

hat-tip: LGF
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