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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chi Trib Papers In Trouble?

A former Newsday circulation executive, Robert Brennan, has copped a plea to mail fraud and income-tax evasion and is cooperating with prosecutors investigation newspapers that pumped up circulation figures in order to charge more for ads.

Newsday is only one of several Tribune Company papers caught up in the scandal. The company owns Newsday, the Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, the Baltimor Sun, Hoy, and several other dailies.

Since Newsday was already busted pretty much up one side and down the other, it's possible that Brennan got his deal because prosecutors wanted to go up the ladder to the Tribune Company. For his cooperation, according to Newsday, Brennan gets "a so-called good guy letter to the sentencing judge for Brennan, asking for leniency because he is cooperating with authorities."

Brennan admitted to inflating Newday's circulation by as much as 98,000 copies a day. If you can't beat the blogs ... cheat.

hat-tip: Media Bistro
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