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Friday, March 10, 2006

Mainstream Culture: Yuck!

I drove the company car home today, so I didn't have my Sirius satelite radio. I listened instead to some everyday FM stations to get an idea of what people are listening to if they're not selecting from the dozen or so news chanels I usually have at my disposal.

I learned there's a new all-sex TV network with 100 or so chanels of all sorts of ways to express that particularly destructive of the seven deadly sins, lust.

My curiousity about this phenomenon is technical and social. How do you get 100 or so chanels into your TV without your local cable provider? Some amazing technology appears to be at work.

So, socially speaking, why is it that the first application of it is porn?

I also learned there's a new show on Oxygen network called Campus Ladies. The commercial had a guy talking about various sexually transmitted diseases he would not like to catch from these ladies. Lovely.

So I went to the program's Web site and found another survey -- and it's almost as disgusting as last week's Seventeen survey:

It's late afternoon and you haven't eaten since last night. So, you:

You're getting ready for your day and discover you have no more clean underwear! Do you:

Your sexy professor hits on you after class. Do you:

Which phrase best describes your sex life:

So, I guess if you consistently choose the sex, booze and drug option, you're one who'll like this show. I wonder if it deals with fatal alcohol poisoning, drug-assisted rape, bleeding out from Ecstasy use, and life-destroying sexually transmitted disease -- or does it just cover the "fun" side of the collegiate drug/booze/sex culture? (My wife's Voice of the Victims films covers many of these topics.)

Oh, and there was an ooh and aah ad for some brand of condoms that comes with all sorts of extras that I don't think I'll go into here.

I think I'll stay away from everybody else's radio station.