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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Boy Scouts Lose Another One

Somebody at the city of Berkely got a bright idea: Let's check to make sure the Sea Scouts are really, really, really following the rules about not discriminating against homosexual scoutmasters anxious to molest young boys. The result:
In a unanimous decision against a division of the Boy Scouts, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that recipients of government subsidies may be required to provide "written, unambiguous assurances" of compliance with nondiscrimination policies.

The case pitted Berkeley against the Sea Scouts in a dispute over Scout membership policies that bar gays and atheists. ...

Writing for the court, Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar said Berkeley "reasonably concluded the Sea Scouts did not and could not provide satisfactory assurances (of compliance with nondiscrimination rules) because of their required adherence to (the Boy Scouts of America's) discriminatory policies." (source)

The Scouts rejection of atheists should be covered by freedom of religion, as should their rejection of homosexuals, which also should be excluded as a crime deterent. (You can't rail against homosexual Catholic priests, as liberals often do, without railing against homosexual scoutmasters!)

None of this matters to the liberal judiciary, of course. It only cares about the rights of those who aren't Christian, straight, conservative or religious.

The obvious solution is for a private marina owner to give the Sea Scouts room for their facilities. That is, if there are any private marina owners. With the increasing government ownership of America's land, there just might not be any.

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