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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Religion Of Peace Staged Algiers Attacks From France?

French police have five men in custody who they believe provided support to al Qaeda cells in Algiers responsible for two bombings earlier in the month that killed 40 people, including 17 UN employees.

BBC reports that computers and telecom equipment was seized, which usually leads to interesting findings. The equipment, the report said, was to be shipped to al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb (AQLIM) terrorists in Algeria.

The arrested men are described as "French and Algerian," not Muslim, although in BBC's defense, that's self-evident with their aQ ties. It does not state whether the French men were ethnic French converts to Islam or Islamic refugees to France, which would be interesting to know.

Each convert to terror runs a chill down my spine, along with a strong desire for summary executions; especially if they involve tying the guy to a tree blindfolded, offering him a last cigarette (can they still do that, given the health concerns?), and blasting his chest apart in a splendid volley of lesson-teaching.

What? You say shipping computers to terrorists isn't a capital offense? It's war, baby, and these aQ operatives caught on Western shores are spies. Line up the firing squad.

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