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Monday, December 17, 2007

"Everyone Has His Flaws." Terrorism Was This Guy's

A third would-be terrorist plead guilty today in federal court in Santa Ana, admitting that he had robbed gas stations in order to fund jihad attacks he planned to carry out on military sites, synagogues and Jewish centers in Southern California.

The terror ring, created in prison via Saudi-funded programs, was on the verge of action when it was busted by a joint federal/local task force.

The jihadist who plead guilty today is Gregory Patterson, a 23-year-old college student. Patterson's attorney executed a spin session that would have dazzled a Sufi, as described in the OC Register:

[Patterson's] attorney, William McKesson, said his client was an easily impressionable youth who become involved with the terrorist group after he was "manipulated" and "abused" by [Levar Haley] Washington [who plead guilty last week].

Patterson – who lives in the South Bay, and took classes at El Camino College in Torrance and California State University, Northridge – was raised Christian but was studying Islam when he met Washington, who was a guest speaker at an Islamic center attended by Patterson, McKesson said.

"He led a typical middle-class lifestyle, he never was in trouble with the law,'' the attorney said. "But everyone has flaws, and his (flaw) was that he was a follower."

Yeah, that's all that's wrong with him; he's just a follower.

What sort of person becomes interested in Islam after 9/11, the Mohammed cartoons and teddy bears, the Daniel Pearl beheading, Ahmadinejad's declarations on the Holocaust and Israel, and the continuous news of Islam's misogyny?

Oh, just a typical, middle-class Christian kid, right?

Gregory Patterson has a flaw all right. He is violently disturbed. He hates Jews, women and his country. He loves repression, violence and the killing of innocents.

He is a soldier of jihad, no different from any of the other crazies, really, who are nothing more than followers ... of Mohammed.

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