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Monday, December 17, 2007

Now What?

Ron Paul raised $6 million on the Internet yesterday, topping John Kerry's old record of $5.7 million and adding it to his previous take of $4.3 million.

All we've seen so far from this incredibly swelling war chest is a couple TV commercials that look like it took all of $23.57 to produce. (Granted, I don't live in Iowa or New Hampshire so I may be missing something ... but I'm savvy enough to check out YouTube.)
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This is not a man who is going to win the Republican nomination; not in a million years, not with another $10 million of Internet-raised money. So what happens to Ron Paul when the convention is over and he's flush with cash and has no party to be the nominee of?

In answering another of the planted questions on the CNN/YouTube debate, Paul quickly dismissed any idea that he would run as an independent, but then spent the rest of his answer talking about how strong his campaign is.

Could he influence the nominee on cutting expenses? If so, great, and it could make him happy enough to be quiet and possibly accept a Cabinet position at Treasury or a position on the President's Council of Economic Advisers.

But Paul will not be able to talk the nominee into adopting a cut and run strategy in Iraq, so he ultimately will not be satisfied with the GOP nominee and will be sitting on the sidelines with millions of dollars and thousands of emails every day urging him to run.

The man who asked Paul the planted question, Mark Strauss, although apparently not a Paulite, referred to him as "crazy like a fox." Yeah, but is the emphasis on "crazy," as in crazy enough to run anyway, or on "fox" as in foxy enough to see the consequences of those actions?

It's a very thin line, isn't it, with these "crazy like a fox" types? The 2008 election may very well ride on which side he falls on, and I have no idea which side it will be.

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