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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mo On A Roll(ed Up Dollar Bill)

Usually when MSM columnists try their hand at humor -- particularly Maureen Doud at the NYT -- it's duck and cover time. But Mo is on a roll this week, giving us a snorting good read about Hil's refusal (snark!) to campaign dirty.

It's in the form of a faux Hil and Barack debate, and let this tidbit entice you to read the whole thing:
CLINTON: Don’t bogart the time, Barack. I’d like a hit. Carolyn, shouldn’t there be some timing device to let my young friend know when he’s going over, something that would go “BONG!”

OBAMA: I know what you’re doing, Hillary. I wasn’t born yesterday. She wants Americans to think I’m so young and green that I can only run for White House intern. It would be a stain on me to sink as low as her.

CLINTON: I don’t appreciate that crack. If you’re going to needle me, Senator —

OBAMA: In turn, I would like to reply that what this country really needs is change —

CLINTON: Change is mine now, Senator Belushi.
I hate to admit it, but heh.

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