Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, December 14, 2007

NIE Week At Watcher's Council

A ton of the entries in the Watcher of Weasel's weekly Watcher's Council blogfest had to do with the National Intelligence Estimate finding on Iran's nuclear program. My takeaway: It's a deeply flawed political document Iran is using to its advantage.

The winner didn't cover the NIE, though. It was Joshuapundit's wonderful post, Pearl Harbor ... And 9/11, which won in a tie-breaker. The title gives you a good idea of what follows, but you need to read it; it's excellent.

Of the NIE posts, I liked Big Lizard's edgy and analytical piece the best, and felt Wolf Howling's was the most completely reported. The Council did not agree, giving Wolf a second-place for A Deeply Flawed NIE Changes Nothing & Everything.

On the non-Council side, Michael Yon's from-the-front report on British troops under whithering fire, Men of Valor: Part IV, took the day. I voted for the sarcastic "if it looks like a duck" analysis of the NIE from Power Line, William Katz: New National Intelligence Estimate.

See all the winners here. Join the fun next week by taking advantage of Watcher's offer of link whorage.

Thanks, W, for your blog post recycling efforts that make the world smarter if not greener.