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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Have Yourself A PC Little Christmas

Courtesy of Miss Beth, who found it at Snooper, we get this wonderfully PC Nativity, which includes the following measures to make sure no one, except traditional Christians (and who cares about them?) is offended:

1. Recycling bins outside stable.
2. A sheep plugging veganism - and muzzled in case it bites - plus another sheep advertising British Meat in fairness to non-vegetables
3. Banner proclaims: "Atheism is OK too".
4. Fathers 4 justice protester in Batman outfit.
5. Solar panels on stable roof.
6. Wise man in a wheelchair.
7. "Safety in the stable" poster.
8. Fire extinguisher next to poster.
9. Angel in high-visibility jacket.
10. Wheelchair ramp to stable.
11. Statues from other religions surround the manger.
12. Joseph wears hard hat - as does Mary.
13. Mothers for justice demonstrator in Wonder Woman outfit.
14. Hand washing facility.
15. Essential first aid kit.
16. Figure in T-shirt with slogan: "Scientology rocks!"
17. Airport-style metal detector.

That just about does it ... all we need now is an official from the Federal Stable Regulatory Commission.

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