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Monday, December 17, 2007

Iran: Still Not Mr. Good Guy

Even if Iran has stopped its nuclear program -- and that is one big, nuanced if -- it is hardly a country to be complacent about, according to a Pentagon report to Congress to be released today.

The report is an Iraq update that doesn't cover the Mullah's nuke program, but it is critical of Iran, says the WSJ (subscribers only):

On Iran, the report also will reiterate U.S. accusations that Iran is sending sophisticated explosives, rockets and mortars into Iraq, these people said.

"It's not arguing that Iran's behavior is getting worse, but it's also not arguing that Iran's behavior is getting better," said one U.S. officer familiar with the report.

Attacks featuring EFPs (explosively formed penetrators) we believe come from Iran have dropped by 50 percent, and that could be interpreted as a sign that Iran is complying with its promise to stop killing the Great Satan as Allah commands them to do.

Or it might just be a sign that Iraqi militia affiliated with Iran are stockpiling the weapons for a few months to give Iran an air of compliance, and will begin using them again when the Mullahs next sweep the plate and yell, "Play Jihad!"

The EFPs are just part of the problem, as the report will also address Iranian training of Iraqi Shi'ite militias and terrorists. Says the WSJ:

In Iraq, many military officials say they are trying to reconcile the drop in EFP attacks with other evidence suggesting that Iran is continuing other clandestine activities inside Iraq.

"At times we think we are seeing positive signs, then all of a sudden we capture some people who were just recently trained in Iran," a U.S. military official in Baghdad said yesterday.
If Iran is still training jihadists and giving them one way tickets to Paradise via Iraq, then they're not following their promises, and if they're not following that promise, why should we assume they're following their EFP promises ... or their nuke promises?

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