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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Raising The "Anti"

In the high-stakes poker game that is the run for US president, Hillary has upped the anti's. A new poll explains:
Forty percent of Americans say they would vote to keep Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton from winning the presidency, more than twice the total for their No. 2 "anti-" pick, former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani.

In a new Fox 5-The Washington Times-Rasmussen Reports survey, 64 percent of Republicans, 42 percent of third-party or independent voters, and 17 percent of Democrats said the candidate they most want to keep from the White House is Mrs. Clinton. (Wash Times)
That 42% of independents is a real stunner, since they tend to vote opposite the incumbent's (or termed out's) party. Clinton is, in short, the candidate most likely to drive people to the polls.

Clinton's strength is among older females; her greatest weakness is among younger men, with more than half of men under 40 saying they would vote for the Cookie Monster if necessary to keep her out of the White House.

Giuliani's "anti" factor was 17 percent with Obama's the only other in double digits at 11. Of course, the more likely a candidate's victory is perceived to be, the more likely he or she is to receive anti votes. People don't fritter their antis on the likes of Tom Tancredo or Dennis the Menace.

Given these numbers, if I were John McCain, I'd hire Paris Hilton as my campaign ad spokesperson, just like Carls' Jr. did. She appeals big-time to the under-40 male, so let her slink about in front of a collage of unflattering Hil clips, purring to her audience about who should be the next president, a manly girl or a manly man?

Think of it ... getting 60 or 70 percent of the under-40 males ... what a target! Now, if McCain would top my advice by issuing a fighter pilot videogame with himself and Paris as the key players (and maybe Hanoi Jane for good measure), he'd be taking the oath in 13 months!

Why don't these guys hire me as their campaign manager, for cryin' out loud?

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