Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, May 04, 2007


Two really great, and very different, posts came out on top in this week's Watcher's Council review of best blog posts.

Bookworm's post, Cornelia, Mother of the Gracci, came in a strong first. It is a magnificently structured essay that begins in ancient Rome with:
Cornelia, the Mother of the Gracchi, was a real woman who lived in Rome during the 1st Century B.C.E. She was admired during her life, and for centuries after (right up until the Victorian era), as the perfect example of Roman motherhood.
... and ends in modern-day America with:
I don’t regret my career choice at all. I knew when I walked away that I’d broken the golden handcuffs and found a wonderful freedom. Nevertheless, sometimes, I do miss the huzzahs. That is, I miss living in a culture where motherhood is actually celebrated, rather than considered either as a retreat from a more visible paying profession or as a neutral career choice with no special value and no special honors.
Nicely done, Book!

Coming in second was a post so significant I posted about it earlier in the week and sent it on the Hugh Hewitt in the hopes that he would work it into his show. It's After Iraq by Done with Mirrors, a gameplan for preparing for defeat in Iraq. An important, important read.

I was glad to see that my post, Lt. Col. Steele's Tragedy, garnered a couple votes. I didn't think it would win, but I offered it up to increase awareness of sexual addiction and sobriety from it.

Among non-Council members, newcomer to blogging Laurie Kendrick actually topped Hugh Hewitt with her post, God Called, another post I liked so much I blogged about it earlier in the week. She didn't top Blackfive though, who won the non-Council posts with another must-read, COIN: The Gravity Well, about counterintelligence in the Iraq war.

For the rest of the winners, trot on over to the Watcher.