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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

National Security Just Too Tough For DMV

Department of Motor Vehicle bureaucrats -- those who by their very existence define the limits of bureaucratic incompetence -- from Western states told Department of Homeland Security officials yesterday that they just can't get their act together to help with new secure drivers licences.

Yeah, it would be nice to be able to really know who's who and maybe keep the next round of 9/11 hijackers from assuming false identities, but the paperwork involved is just too much for the DMV.
"In the absence of federal funding, Homeland Security needs to extend the (implementation) period, which will minimize the impact on the public as well as reduce the tremendous fiscal burden on the states," said Ginny Lewis, director of the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. (source)
All Homeland Security is asking the DMVs to do is to check a birth certificate or similar ID before issuing a drivers license. But it's just too much to ask of these overburdened and overworked servants of the public.

Meanwhile, the hearing yesterday was interrupted by these crazies, who seem to have figured out that an un-jiggerable national ID system might make it harder for illegals to misrepresent who they are. Can't have that. Might get in the way of scamming citizens and defrauding the government.

The ACLU joined these ID-iots and went on about infringement of privacy rights ... as if we care whether al Qaeda agents are duly protected or not.

Their view is all part and parcel of the Lib tendency to view terrorism as a legal problem and illegal immigration as no problem at all. We can excuse them because they were born without enough brain cells.

Unexcused are the DMV whiners. Shut up and serve the people!