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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

NOW's War Against Mommies

In the post below on the continuing plight of child brides in arranged marriages, I chided NOW for being more concerned about trivial perceived slights on their womanhoodness than on true threats to women around the globe.

Turns out a chiding is not enough. A swift kick in their collective butts is more in order.

As you can well imagine, the issues NOW trumpets on its home page include "reproductive freedom," including their disgust that the Supreme Court would say it's no longer OK to cut the almost-born apart in the birth canal, their support for Hillary, their fight against "hate crimes" against women and their effort to eliminate wage disparity.

Digging deeper, I found out something that really, really P.O.'s the broads at NOW: Women who opt out of the feminist ideal to be come moms.

They have an entire issues page devoted to what they refer to as the "opt out myth." You may have read the "opt out" story in the NYT a while back, or heard the buzz it generated. It covered women from Ivy League schools who took their fine educations home, instead of into the workplace, raising kids instead of feminist issues.

NOW refers to the phenomenon as a "myth" -- you know, something you hear about but really isn't true. Like minotaurs and feminists who don't screech.

Articles about the so-called "opt-out revolution" have recently become a staple of such news outlets as The New York Times, claiming that a surge of women are trading high-powered careers for stay-at-home motherhood.

NOW has long known this to be a myth ...

"The stories imply that these women took the 'off-ramp' for a few years, but really they were run off the road," said NOW President Kim Gandy. ...

Join NOW's "Dismantle the Mom Myth" campaign and demand that your local media outlets tell the truth about the challenges women face when trying to balance work and family.
Women who want to stay home are "run off the road?" Which road exactly was it they were run off? The Feminist Rutway?

How odd that feminists are being urged to "demand that your local media outlets tell the truth" about women who choose to stay home full-time instead of "trying to balance work and family." What truth? That they feel their children deserve a full-time mom? That being a full-time mom is a very difficult job? Or the NOW "truth," that full-time moms are inferior?

Where is all this outrage going? Obviously, it's all about socialism. NOW urges its minions to write papers and not just complain, but propose a "solution:"
"This child care crisis will not solve itself one person at a time or one workplace at a time. We have tried that for over 30 years. We need paid family leave, paid sick days for all employees, and accessible, affordable child care so parents can make real choices on whether to stay at home or work outside the home.["]
Oh, I see. It takes a nation to raise a child. There's no reason why anyone should have to sacrifice or work hard if we can get the taxpayers to simply socialize child-rearing. After all, what's a kid anyway? Only a child who somehow got missed by the abortion mills.