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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dem Prez: Hawks Need Not Apply

It seems like only yesterday that Hillary was eager to talk tough about her willingness to take on our enemies, all to show she had sufficient danglies in her panties to be prez.

That was then. Now there's no room in the Dem party for anyone who sees the benefit of fighting terrorism:
Clinton, Byrd plan bill to end Iraq war

WASHINGTON, May 3 (UPI) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said in the Senate Thursday she and Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., will introduce legislation to end authority for the war in Iraq.

The bill will propose Oct. 11, 2007, as the expiration date for the congressional resolution that authorized President George W. Bush to use force in Iraq. That resolution was approved Oct. 11, 2002.

"The American people have called for change, the facts on the ground demand change, the Congress has passed legislation to require change," said Clinton, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. "If the president will not bring himself to accept reality, it is time for Congress to bring reality to him."

Hawk Hillary is dead. Dove Hillary is risen, stripped of the black boots, USA bikini and cat 'o nine tails and now decked out in the finest tie-dye, billowy skirt and macrame purse.

The Dems would have us believe that it should have taken less than five years to defeat an entrenched dictator, introduce democracy, hold elections, form a constitution, rebuild a nation and fight an insurgency. And they tell us that five years is too long to fight for the defeat an enemy that is multi-headed, dedicated, vicious, global and difficult to infiltrate.

"The American people have called for change," she says, adding her voice to the Chicken Choir. It won't be long before the very, very slight majority of the American people that tipped the scales ever so slightly to the Dems will recoil from talk like this.

Many voted against perceived incompetence in the execution of the war.

Many voted against Bush's refusal to veto runaway spending bills.

Many voted for Dems simply because they hate Bush.

None of those are votes against the war, and none of those voters will necessarily feel like voting Dem in the next election.

Still, the Dems have enough time between now and November 2008 to really screw things up before we'll be able to get rid of this nonsense. By election day, under Hillary's bill we would be 13 months surrendered and the bloodbath in Iraq would be running at full spigot.

That will keep the White House in GOP hands and give us back at least the Senate -- but it will not give America back its honor and integrity. And it will not take away the bravado and recruiting power the Dems have given the Islamists.

All because there isn't a Dem leader with enough danglies in their panties or jockeys to stand up to the Left and put America's interests ahead of their vote-pandering.

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