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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Teddy Teaches Us The Meaning Of "Blockhead"

I'd never really thought much about the meaning of the word blockhead before I read this quote from the senior Sen. from MA today:

The president is wrong to veto the Iraq spending bill and reject its needed timeline for the orderly, responsible, and safe withdrawal of our forces from Iraq. He was wrong to lead us into the war, wrong to conduct it so poorly, wrong to refuse to change course. We cannot continue business as usual in Iraq. It is time for America to end its participation in the brutal civil war. (source)
In case you've forgotten, Kennedy has been in the Senate since 1962. One of his first marks was as an anti-Vietnam war Senator, and he can take a good share of credit for the deaths of millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians after he won his "victory" against the war, as well as for the uncounted others who were imprisoned, tortured, deprived of rights and property, and otherwise tormented by the thugs Kennedy and his colleagues surrendered to.

Blockhead: To have a head as hard as a concrete block, impenetrable; unable to learn.

Because Ted Kennedy is a blockhead, he either didn't notice, didn't care or didn't take personal responsibility for the bloodshed that followed our withdrawal from Vietnam -- and based on his position on this war, he doesn't care if the same thing happens in Iraq and through the Middle East if his anti-war view prevails again.

Prevailing is more important to Ted Kennedy that the lives of others. He would say he is worried about the lives of others -- our troops -- but the only reference to Walter Reed on his Web site is an attack on the conditions there. Read this short speech and you'll see he's never been there; if he had been, he would have mentioned it.

There's another senator who was pretty involved in the Vietnam war back when young Ted was prowling the Hill looking for anti-war votes and pro-sex bimbos. Here's what that senator said today:

Today, with his veto, President Bush sent a clear message to our enemies - America will not surrender to al-Qaida in Iraq. My congressional colleagues should set aside partisan politics and give Gen. Petraeus and our men and women in battle the resources they need to win.

That was John McCain. Unlike Kennedy, he appears to have learned something from his Vietnam experience.

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