Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday Reading

If you're looking for some good reads, look no further because Watcher of Weasels has just posted the Watcher's Council weekly parade of magnificent posts. Winners, based on Watcher's Council members' votes, will be announced Friday.

This week I submitted a little bit of modern day Shakespeare, Lt. Col. Steele's Tragedy, a tragedy about the fall of a man brought on by his fatal weakness.

For an outstanding post by a non-Council member, I selected something a bit different. Hardly a fine piece of writing, the Victory Council's The House Emergency Supplemental: Micro-managing the War, merited a nomination in my mind because of the public service it provided -- a bookmarked edition of the House Iraq war appropriations bill designed to highlight its pork, deadline requirements and other elements that made it so worthy of a veto.

Here are the Watcher's Council links:

  1. Forlorn Hope, The Glittering Eye
  2. Working: A Midweek Rumination, Eternity Road
  3. Voter Fraud? Not a big deal!, The Colossus of Rhodey
  4. After Iraq, Done With Mirrors
  5. Wonkitorial: The Latest From Babylon, D.C., The Education Wonks
  6. A New New Europe?, Soccer Dad
  7. Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi, Bookworm Room
  8. Lt. Col. Steele's Tragedy, Cheat Seeking Missiles
  9. Changing Times Demand Telling the Truth in Wartime, Right Wing Nut House
  10. "And Why the Sea Is Boiling Hot, and Whether Pigs Have Wings", Big Lizards
  11. Zero Tolerance Goes Way Too Far, Rhymes With Right
  12. Giuliani on Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Terrorism, Joshuapundit
And here are the Non-Council nominees:
  1. COIN: The Gravity Well, Blackfive
  2. God Called, Laurie Kendrick (I almost nominated this one myself and liked it so much I did a post on it.)
  3. To Fight or Not To Fight?, Intellectual Conservative
  4. A Failure In Generalship, Armed Forces Journal
  5. Speak No Truth, La Shawn Barber's Corner
  6. Anytown, USA, In Context
  7. Karen Armstrong reviews Spencer's The Truth About Muhammad!, Jihad Watch
  8. The House Emergency Supplemental: Micro-managing the War, The Victory Caucus
  9. Meet the Iraqi Police in Kirkuk, Michael J. Totten (I think this is the second chapter of the post I nominated last week, which came in second in the voting.)
  10. Mitt and Osama, Hugh Hewitt
  11. Turkish Believers Satanically Tortured for Hours Before Being Killed, (I'm interested in reading this since I also posted on this outrage.)
  12. Jihad Destroys the Swedish Model, FrontPage Magazine
  13. Another Voice Sounds Off About the "Debate" and the Surge, Dr. Sanity
  14. 18DS Video on Arms Trade, Dodgeblogium
Happy reading!