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Friday, April 27, 2007

God Called

A few days ago, I wrote this:
I'm a firm believer in the idea that God placed most of us here for a very small task. Perhaps we open the door for someone one day instead of barging through, and that little action starts a cascade that saves someone (temporally or eternally).
There's a very nice passage on this subject in the post, God Called, by Laurie Kendrick. We pick up midway through a point God was making:

God: But that’s not what you needed. That’s not what Madolyn Welsh needed, either.

LK: Madolyn Welsh? My college roomate?

God: If you wouldn’t have been you, you wouldn’t have gone to the University of Texas, moved into the dorm and you wouldn’t have roomed with Madolyn. When her mother was killed in that car crash that fall, you wouldn’t have been there to help her. That was a very difficult time for Madolyn. She needed you and you needed to be there. And the fact that you were there made a difference. It saved her life. Saved yours too. Remember? You were having a very tough Freshman year.

LK: I remember. And what would the alternative have been?

God: You don’t want to know.

LK: Wow.

God: We’re talkin’ real “It’s A Wonderlife Life” stuff. One life affects so many others in ways you aren’t aware of.

LK: I’m glad I was there for Madolyn.

God: And be glad she was there for you. It wouldn’t have worked in any other way. Did you know she went on to become a doctor. A surgeon. She saves lives everyday and you helped make that possible.
Besides getting into free will, predestination and why bad things happen to good people, God even explains Sanjaya.

That should make you click even if that other theological stuff doesn't.

hat-tip: Sigmund, Carl & Alfred

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