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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Warmie Psychic: Warmies To Be "Shocked"

Wooo Wooo Warmie, the global warming psychic, has a new mystical revelation: Any minute now, you will hear Warmies saying they are "shocked."

How does Wooo Wooo know? Because he read this:
WASHINGTON (AP) The government declared two swaths of the country critical to the nation's electricity grid Thursday, pushing for construction of major power lines in southern California and along the East Coast.

The Department of Energy proposed two "national interest electric transmission corridors," the first of their kind under a 2005 law that could overcome local objections in order to relieve bottlenecks in the electricity grid.

The current grid "is aging and stressed. Simply put, it is no longer adequate to meet the demands of the 21st century," said Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman. He also said the government would take a more aggressive role in energy projects opposed by local groups.

"The parochial interests that shaped energy policy in the 20th century will no longer work," he said.

The proposed Southwest corridor would be composed of seven counties in southern California, three in Arizona and one in Nevada.

The mid-Atlantic corridor would run north from Virginia and Washington, D.C., and include most of Maryland, all of New Jersey and Delaware and large sections of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The proposed corridors were announced a day after some House Democrats criticized the 2005 law's possible effects.

The law gave the federal government greater say on where high-priority transmission lines should be built. If states and regional groups fail to build such lines, the government could order them built.

Warmies and Greenies, like all Libs, are perfectly fine with the federal gov usurping state's rights on issues like air quality, water quality, abortion and what gets taught in school -- but allow the feds to mandate that power lines be built over local opposition and ... well, they're "shocked."

Greenies have hated power lines for years, calling them growth-inducing. As if that's a bad thing! Even if past growth has stressed out the grid to the point of collapse, they will focus on the new growth that supposedly will follow the lines. Yeah, that's what I do.

"Look, Hon! A new power line! Let's buy a house right here!!"

Now Warmies will join the fray, saying that new power line corridors won't be necessary because we'll all be shifting to solar, wind and biofuel so we'll be able to meet our own tiny carbon footprints with our own energy, sans grid.

I have tucked away in a box somewhere a book called Earth, Energy and Everyone that was published by leftyorgan Rolling Stone in 1975. It detailed all the alternative sources of energy and predicted that we would be off oil entirely by 2000 -- in part because oil would be scarce, and in part because these new technologies were so attainable.

Wrong on both counts, and it'll be wrong for a long time to come. The grid is efficient. The grid is cheap. The grid makes volumes of energy needed for industry available. The grid separates us from Third World hell holes.

So of course the Greenies and the Warmies will fight against it.

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