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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Watcher Nominees

It was a big week for Harry Reid in this week's Watcher's Council nominees, with three Council members picking his "All is lost! We're losers!" quote as a launching point:

Into Every Life, Some Reid Must Fall - Big Lizards
On Winners and Losers -- Harry Reid and Defeatism - Joshuapundit
Reid and the Dems: Cowardly, Immoral Jellyfish - Right Wing Nut House

Bookworm entered an excellent piece on one of the major sideshows of the war: how to handle detainees: Presidential Power and Criminal Terrorists. Soccer Dad chimed in with another war-related theme, writing on Israel and its enemies in Cohen Must've Got Lost.

On Virginia Tech, I submitted Kevin Granata: Virginia Tech Hero and The Glittering Eye filed One Day Has Passed.

Done With Mirrors noted Earth Day with a well-researched piece on the history of global warming and cooling and its political implications.

A fascinating piece on race and sports, Quota Baseball, was filed by The Colossus of Rhodey, while The Education Wonks filed a story on excellence in another endeavor, Boy Scouts, in Merit-Based Success: James Calderwood.

Rounding out a great week of nominations were Helots, Eternity Road's musings on Sparta's successes and our failures, and The Problem With Political Speech Limitation by Rhymes With Right, on political campaign contributions.

The Watcher's Council nominees for non-Council blog posts of note were:

  1. Where Kurdistan Meets the Red Zone - Middle East Journal (my nominee)
  2. The Big White Lie - City Journal (which I wrote about last week)
  3. Getting the Message - The Mudville Gazette
  4. NY Times Public Editor Examines Paper's Duke Coverage - TalkLeft
  5. Chomskyite Billionare Pleads Oppression - Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite
  6. A Time for War - Treppenwitz
  7. A Failure of Doctrine, Not of People - Winds of Change
  8. "To Jaw-Jaw Is Always Better Than To War-War." - Wizbang!
  9. Who's in Denial? - News Bloggers
  10. Hillary Losing Critical Constituency - Captain's Quarters
  11. The Mainstream Media: Islamist Facilitators - Family Security Matters
  12. Why the Liberal Media Whores Out for Terror - Breath of the Beast
  13. We Get the Government We Deserve - The QandO Blog
  14. Cho Inspired Drivel - Dodgeblogium