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Monday, April 23, 2007

Solar Energy? What Solar Energy?

I just flew into San Jose a couple hours ago. The hotbed of high tech. The bastion of nuveau billionaires who love to fund liberal causes. The heartbeat of greenie innovation against the dreaded demon of climate change.

So take a guess: During the long approach, how many buildings did I see that had solar panels on their roofs?

No, it wasn't even that many!

One. One building in the entire approach path owned by someone who put eco-image and itty-bitty carbon footprints ahead of reasonable return on investment. Well, maybe not. It looked like it might be a government building, so forget return on investment.

What's with the Warmies? Why aren't they putting their money where their mouths are? Are they waiting for some government program to subsidize their purchase of solar panels further before they'll commit?

Is the Warmie movement all hot air and no hard cash commitment?

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