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Friday, April 27, 2007

Dems Carry A Big Carbon Footprint

Four of the five major Dem candidates for Prez -- Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden -- voted yesterday to change history by voting to, for the first time ever, tell the enemy months in advance the day we will lose a war, then each hopped onto his or her own deluxe private jet and carbon-footprinted their way to South Carolina for the first Dem Prez debate.

No word on Edwards. He may have driven to the debate from his 25,600-square-foot workingman's shack and carbon smudge. He usually uses a jet owned by Dallas trial lawyer (natch!) Fred Baron, who is also the finance chairman (natch!) of his presidential campaign, according to Newsday.

Granted, the GOP Prez crew flies in private jets all the time, too, but they don't step off their jets to hypocritically attack global warming and profess their eagerness to to shackle the economy in the name of battling our true enemy, not AQ but CO2.

Interestingly, in all the debate reports I've read this a.m., global warming isn't mentioned. If Al Gore thinks he can ride into the White House (which may emit a bit less death-gas than his Tennessee spread) on the global warming ticket, he'd best ask himself whether the horse he's riding is named Fringe Issue.

Quiz time: Name the Dem Prez candidates in this NYT photo:

I got all but one ... Mike Gravel ... and I admit I was unsure whether he or Chris Dodd was Chris Dodd.

Gravel, only slightly less obscure than the newest Dem Prez candidate, Jim Gilmore (scroll waaaay down) had the best crazed Dem line of the night:

Indeed, on this listless stage, it fell to Mr. Kucinich and his equally long-shot rival in the race, Mike Gravel, a former senator from Alaska, to stir the drink. Mr. Gravel at one point loudly belittled the four senators on stage who had earlier in the day voted in Washington for a bill that would set timetables for bringing troops home from Iraq, but that would continue financing their efforts.

What should be done instead? “A law making it a felony to stay there,” Mr. Gravel thundered, as Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama stared quizzically at the unfamiliar man sharing the stage with them. (NYT)

Wow. Out-Kuciniching Kucinich. Quite a feat.

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