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Thursday, April 26, 2007

NBC Errs Again: Keeps Child Molester On The Air

Alec Baldwin, found profoundly guilty of vicious verbal child abuse in the phone message he left his 11 year old daughter (here, here), wants out of his 30 Rock obligations so he can, according to CNN, "devote his time to the issue of 'parental alienation.'"

Wait a minute! Even from a man who gives weirdness a dirty name, that's an jaw-dropper of a quote.

Isn't "parental alienation" about him? Isn't he supposed to be thinking about his daughter? Didn't he mean to say he wanted out, "so I can devote my time to repairing my relationship with my daughter Ireland, who for obvious reasons thinks I'm an incredible jerk?" Instead, he's identified a depersonalized "issue" to concentrate on, leaving his daughter and himself out of it.

I wonder what color the rubber wrist bracelet will be ... yellow?

Back to the matter at hand. Baldwin wants out of 30 Rock. He shouldn't have to ask; he should have been canned the day after the tape of his voicemail to Ireland was made public.

Did NBC, the network that brought us the Cho "manifester" and calls it good journalism despite the universal retching heard from psychologists familiar with the minds and motivations of mass killers, happily take Baldwin up on his offer?

What do you think?

You're right:

NBC, however, quickly shot down the idea. The actor has become a key asset for the freshman sitcom, stealing the show as an oily but charming network executive overseeing a "Saturday Night Live"-type program.

"Alec Baldwin remains an important part of '30 Rock.' We look forward to having him continue his role in the show," NBC said in a statement Wednesday.

If I had ever seen the show, I would stop watching it. I hope millions do, driving down its ratings to the point that NBC drops it. In the meantime, here's NBC's contact us page. Go ahead -- be verbally abusive.

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