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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Left Gets Off On Tobias' Fall

There is an undeniable and delicious irony (or tragic irony, depending on whether you're looking at it from the left or the right) in the resignation of Randall Tobias as Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance and U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator.

The Left deridingly calls Tobias "the abstinence czar" because of his efforts to push abstinence to help reduce the incidence of AIDS, and the Left hates abstinence because it gets in the way of feelings, so they're positively giddy about the news.

The Tennessee Guerrilla Women, who peddle "Panties for Peace" on their blog, had this to snark:
And just two days ago Bushie was praising Tobias for his work on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Randall Tobias -- aka the Bush AIDS Czar -- is infamous for bashing condoms and praising abstinence while allegedly getting massages from call girls and working to alleviate the AIDS epidemic.

As a commenter over at The Blotter asks:

So did Tobias wear a condom when he didn't have sex or not?
Tobias is a Christian, a Republican, a white male and a believer in abstinence. No wonder they hate him so. Nevertheless, he was able to make a good point on the subject of abstinence:
Tobias, who was in Berlin for the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS' 2004 Awards for Business Excellence, said that promoting abstinence and monogamy are "far more effective" than distributing condoms for preventing the spread of HIV, according to Agence France-Presse. "Statistics show that condoms really have not been very effective," Tobias said, adding, "It's been the principal prevention device for the last 20 years, and I think one needs only to look at what's happening with the infection rates in the world to recognize that has not been working." (emphasis added)
Without offering a peep of sound rebuttal, the incorrectly named AmericaBlog said the Tobias/Bush position on abstinence is an "outrageous view" that "is widely criticized by thinking people." These "thinking people" believe in their hearts (or perhaps their pants) that abstinence is a false road simply because they cannot imagine an individual having the power to not yield to lust -- so it's no wonder they are so gleeful that Tobias yielded to his.

Given all this, Tobias had no choice but to resign. He would be utterly ineffective if he attempted to continue his efforts -- the "He's lying" signs would be replaced with something much, much worse.

And what exactly is he lying about, by the way? Obviously, abstinence is healthier than unprotected sex and anyone who says otherwise is lying. The Bush policy, despite the Left's lies to the contrary is "ABC," abstinence first, being faithful second ... and in third spot, condoms. The "Bushies" are not in support of unprotected sex.

Whatever. Let's not let facts get in the way of a good roll. Speaking of being on a roll, over at HuffPo, Roy Sekoff says self-righteously:
I really don't give a damn what Tobias does in his down time; it's the endless hypocrisy of the holier-than-thou crowd on the right I can't stomach.
Sekoff apparently has no problem with the hypocrisy of the Left: Al Gore's energy consumption, "man of the people" John Edwards' mansion and haircuts, Bill Clinton's over-sized Bible, billionaire George Soros' demands for wealth redistribution, Sheryl Crow, who just made millions from Clairol hawking their latest noxious chemical bath for hair suggesting we use one square of TP to save the planet.

Nonetheless, a sad good riddance to Tobias. He let bad personal decisions harm the Administration he served, so you'll not find a word of defense here at C-SM. You will find, however, a word of compassion. Like Lt. Col. William H. Steele, and like millions of other men, Tobias folded under the unrelenting onslaught of sexual temptation forced on us by the sex, porn and lust industries (and that includes ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox).

It's too bad he didn't seek help; if he did, he would still be doing important, meaningful, life-saving work instead of struggling to save his marriage and his self esteem.

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