Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, June 29, 2006


The Episcopal Church is continuing to splinter, as the parish where George Washington once worshipped -- and many others -- yesterday initiated the process of splitting from the diocese because of the church's continued insistence in naming homosexual bishops.

The WashTimes story is worth a full read; here's the lead:
Two of Northern Virginia's largest and most historic Episcopal churches -- Truro and the Falls Church -- informed Virginia Bishop Peter J. Lee yesterday that they plan to leave the diocese and that as many as two dozen other parishes may follow suit.
Undaunted, the Episcopal leadership elsewhere is ignoring what the WashTimes calls an "indefinite moratorium on homosexual prelates." The Newark diocese announced yesterday that a gay man is among the candidates for election to bishop there.

Look, we're all sinners and at one level, homosexuality is just one of many sins that are clearly called out in the Bible. The men who lead the church are sinners, whether they are gay or not.

But at a biblical level, homosexually is one of the sins set apart as "abhorent to God" and should be recognized by any Bible-believing church as such. At a human level, a Bishop needs to be a model and a counselor, and the model a church should uphold is one of heterosexual love within marriage because that is clearly laid out as God's plan in the Bible.

The Episcopalian leadership is caught up in the simplicity of "love one another" and are not seeing the depth of the issue. Their congregations are smarter and bolder than they are, so the congregations are leaving their leaders. Who, then, is the true leader?

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