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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

D.C.'s Latest Gay Marriage?

"It seems to be a marriage of convenience."

That's former Kerry strategist Dan Payne on the strange bedfellow-ing of John ("I never found a position I couldn't flip") Kerry and Russ ("Hey! I'm the only guy who voted against the Patriot Act!") Feingold.

Is it love? No, worse! It's peace, or their half-baked approach to peace, which is sure to cause more war and suffering:
Notwithstanding their different histories, Sens. John Kerry and Russ Feingold joined forces last week to push a proposal that would have required troops to leave Iraq by July of next year.
With both Kerry and Feingold positioning themselves for 2008 presidential runs, it's an alliance made in heaven for the GOP. Says RNC spokeswoman Ann Marie Hauser:

Whether it's John Kerry's indecisiveness or Russ Feingold's extremism, Democrats across the board support an approach that results in surrendering to our enemy. But as 2008 looms, it is interesting to watch these two senators trip over each other as they rush to the far left of their party.

Don't worry. We know one of them will flop back to the middle again. Then back to the far left. Then ....

Source: SacBee
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