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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Terrorist Killed; Terrorism Spreads

The Saudis killed six terrorists -- described as "members of the deviant minority" -- and injured a seventh in raids in Riyadh earlier today.

Arab News reports:
“The group was preparing a terrorist operation and its members were being tailed on the basis of intelligence service information.”

Saudi state television showed police removing several vehicles from the scene, some of them damaged in the clash, as officers carried away what appeared to be bags of evidence. Security sources said the militants were on the verge of launching unspecified attacks.

The ministry reported that the search of the property turned up boxes of documents and computers that were being used to communicate with others through the Internet. The two-story house was recently constructed in this residential neighborhood. Policemen at the scene later said they had seized a videotape showing that the group had been plotting to carry out a suicide bombing against a security target in Riyadh within the next two days.

Tough times for terrorists, but it hardly deters them. Moscow News reports that Chechen Islamist terroists have become much more radical since their leader, Aslan Maskhadov, was killed last year.

The most eye-catching move was the appointment of the rebel movement’s exiled ideologist, Movladi Udugov, as head of the newly-created “National Information Service for the State Defense Committee”.

“Udugov’s appointment to a high position while Akhmed Zakayev retains only the post of minister means just one thing: the radicals have won a victory,” said Chechen political analyst Murad Nashkhoyev. “However, it is Moscow itself that has untied the Chechen radicals’ hands by killing Maskhadov, the elected president, and rejecting negotiations with its opponents.”
Ill-conceived liberal desire to negotiate peace with Islamists aside, the article makes it clear there's lots of terror ahead for the Caucus region, quoting a 23-year-old Chechen Muslim:

Russia is engaged in real terror not only against Muslims in Chechnya, but also against them in the whole of the North Caucasus. The same thing’s really going on everywhere: Muslims are being killed, detained under various invented pretexts, tortured, maimed, and humiliated. Men are afraid of growing beards because they can be accused of being Wahhabis [Islamic radicals], with all the consequences that can entail. Women are afraid of wearing headscarves for the same reason.

This is why a jihad is necessary, first and foremost the jihad of the sword — not only in Chechnya, but throughout the North Caucasus.

And not only for the North Caucasus, but for anyone who is so offensive as to brush up against the Islamist world. Dark times ahead ....

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