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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thomas Lowell Tucker and Kristian Menchaca

May these two brave soldiers (that's Menchaca on the right) find peace in the bosom of God because Lord knows, they didn't find it here.

Thankfully, the media reports didn't tell us what is meant by "signs of barbaric torture" that were found on the lifeless bodies of the two U.S. soldiers, who were kidnapped on Friday and found Monday night.

We may never know because, after all, they were American soldiers who died at the hands of Islamist terrorists, not Islamist terrorists fortunate enough to be held in American-run prisons like Abu Ghraib. Their deaths will not be investigated and reported like the "torture" that occurred at Abu G, where we all know how bad it was for the prisoners -- having to strip, having dogs bark at them, having to see menstrual blood.

Tucker and Menchaca experienced much worse, but they were American soldiers, so the media won't care. No Arab nation will hold an investigation. No insurgents will be jailed for the act.

And the media won't care, and will let Tucker and Menchaca slide into obscurity. Evidence: The Reuters report on the finding of their barbarically tortured bodies. That news, and all the history around it, is dispensed with in a cool and unemotional nine paragraphs.

What followed was 13 highly emotional paragraphs on current U.S. operations and the state of the war. Some excerpts:

A man identifying himself as Mohammed (Isn't that the prophet of peace guy?) Jabar al-Qaduri said two of the dead were his sons, Jassem and Mazen, and that all the victims had worked at a poultry farm adjacent to the houses.

"They did not attack any Americans or Humvees. We don't have any problems with the Americans. We don't have any foreigners here," he said, wearing a traditional Arab headdress and sitting slumped on the dirt ground in the shade of a truck.

A police source and residents said there were 13 victims and they included a 12-year-old boy. Reuters footage showed a bloodied mattress on the floor of one of the houses. Residents said the boy had been sleeping on it when he was shot.

As the bodies were loaded onto the trucks, one man lifted up the blanket covering one victim and cried out "Why God, why?."

Caldwell insisted no civilians had been killed in what he described as an "extremely long firefight."

I'm sorry Mohammed Jabar al-Qaduri lost his sons, but he's lying, and Reuters is knowingly reporting the lie. Small arms fire from al-Qaduri's village directed at U.S. soldiers started this firefight. Of course there are insurgents there and of course the place is crawling with foreign terrorists-for-hire. It's where he lives; it's his guys who are the bad guys. Maybe his sons, maybe not.

Note also that the reporter never saw the body of the 12-year-old boy; he only reported the neighbor's claims of his death and tied in a bloody matress as evidence. Where was the body? Why wasn't he shown it? Maybe it's true the boy died, maybe it's not; but it's truly bad reporting.

Major General William Caldwell's statement is thrown in after this so it will appear to be a lie, not so it will refute the claims. Caldwell certainly provided evidence to back up his statement, and Reuters chose not to report it.

Reuters has pitched in with the barbarians who torture barbarically.

God bless Thomas Lowell Tucker and Kristian Menchaca and their families and their troops, and all the people who fight for what's true and good and right.

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