Cheat-Seeking Missles

Saturday, June 17, 2006

LA Stories

Incredible Wife and I are in LA for the weekend; therefore, light blogging.

She's a big INXS fan, as is her sister, so the two couples of us convened from north and south for the concert last night. I'm not a fan at all, but did get into it a bit by the end. More intersting for me was the crowd:
  • What's with 50-year-old balding men rocking like they were in their 20's? They look so much more ridiculous than women the same age doing the same thing. I expect more maturity from them.
  • Marijuana stinks. I mean really; it does not smell good at all. The very bulky guy in front of us fired up a couple. He looked like he'd been suffering from the munchies for a couple decades.
  • Tops are getting lower, skirts are getting higher, leaving very little to the imagination. I prefer imagination to actually seeing the wares displayed all over the place.
Today we drove around Hollywood and Beverly Hills, where we saw Bentley Continental Coupes everywhere. We were out and about looking at home architecture, one of our favorite pasttimes. We could count the houses we liked on one hand -- but there were an awful lot of big, tall doors. Compensating for something?

We stopped at The Peninsula Hotel for a light lunch and saw Anderson Cooper. The Incredible Wife had just read his book and enjoyed it, so she told him so and he thanked her. What's a trip to LA without a celeb encounter?

Tonight, dinner at Musso & Frank for a bit of Hollywood history. No chic, trendy places for we traditionalists.