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Monday, June 12, 2006

Who's The Nutcase?

In an earlier post on the Virginia Senatorial primary -- which I know so little about I actually got one of the candidates' name wrong -- I called Jim Webb (left) a nutcase for becoming a turncoat over Iraq. Webb, a Naval Secretary under Reagan and a GOP stalwart, is now attacking Bush and the GWOT in his stump speeches.

That won him the nutcase designation, but his opponent, Harris Miller, appears to carry a might large case of nuts himself:
The liberal Miller appealed to core Democrats by advocating higher taxes on oil companies, blasting Bush's tax cuts and the failed estate tax repeal, and demanding Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's firing. (source)
If that's what the Democratic core wants -- driving oil prices up, driving the economy down, and forcing us to lose the war -- I think I'd be voting GOP in this one, for George Allen.

The Democratic Party senses this and has endorsed Webb, saying he's got the best chance of distracting Allen in November. So much for the core?

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