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Monday, June 12, 2006

A Long Visit To NationMaster

I've been spending quite a while on NationMaster recently and commend it to you highly.

Ever wonder, for example, what nation has the most murders per capita? It's Columbia; the US is 24th, coming in right behind Bulgaria and ahead of Armenia.

India is number one in sheer number of murders annually -- 37,170 -- strongly outpacing Russia's 28,904.

NationMaster has stats on all sorts of stuff, many of them available in graph form. Interested in how many days it takes to import goods into a country? We're tied for fifth quickest.

The most corrupt country? Bangaladesh. We're #112.

How about carbon efficiency, measured in CO2 emissions per dollar of GDP? A number of non-industrial poverty spots are the worst that category: Trinidad & Tabago, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan. Interestingly, non-industrial poverty spots are also at the bottom of the heap: Chad, Somalia and coming in 141st, Namibia. We're a middle-ish 42nd.

It's a lot of fun ... with a grain of salt. We can't be certain of the truthfulness of the data submitted by some countries. China, for example, showed up 63rd in corruption and we hear endless tales of corruption coming out of there. More surprising, there are apparently NO murders or manslaughters occurring in China.

Gosh! Then I wonder why they're executing so many people there? China's number one in the world in total executions, with 1,067 annually. Are they all political prisoners, then?

By the way, the scale of executions in China is astounding. Congo is second with a very distant 100, and we're third with 68 ... two more than Iran. Click the "per capita" tab for more interesting reading.

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