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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Return To Sender

They're just hard-working folks who have come here to find a better life.

The crackdown, dubbed "Operation Return to Sender," kicked off May 26. ... The operation has caught more than 140 immigrants with convictions for sexual offenses against children; 367 known gang members, including street soldiers in the deadly Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13; and about 640 people who had already been deported once, immigration officials said. The numbers include more than 720 arrests in California alone.

More than 800 people arrested already have been deported.

They come here to do jobs Americans don't want to do.
Another man caught in the recent blitz was a Salvadoran gang member who was convicted in a stabbing that left a 13-year-old boy paralyzed. Agents caught him working at Budget Rental Car at Boston's Logan Airport.

From AP. See video (and an ad) here.
I wonder how many more criminal illegals (I had to figure out how to say that, since the concept is so flawed) are out there. Certainly, this is a very small step -- a bit over 2,000, and there's 8, 10 or 12 million illegals in the country, depending on who's stats you accept. But it's a step.

Now let's have some employer raids and court cases. Let's repeal some benefits to illegals laws. Let's build a fence. Let's get to work on that ID card.

If we keep our eye on the ball, we should be able to turn this around in a few years without the Naziesque images that will come with massive deportation. I've felt all along that the solution is to make it less comfortable for illegals to live here, so they volunarily deport themselves.

Some, like the Return to Sender bunch, won't play that game, so more forceful persuasion will be necessary. Adios, creeps.

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